Best Multimeter For Electricians – Best Reviews & Guide

Our team reviewed the functions and features of the best multimeter for electricians in 2021 to use in electricity places with full accuracy. For this purpose, the best multimeter for electricians 2023 is always good to measure the electricity and efficiently troubleshoot the electric problems. Moreover, we reviewed and check all possible issues with each multimeter and describe them in each product review.

What is the Best Multimeter For an Electrician?

Best multi-meter 2020,Best Multimeter For Electricians Reviews 2020

Best of best multimeter for electricians of 2021 wants to find out the multimeter with all of its quality & silent features, But, sometimes they face problems to find the best multimeter for home & industrial work. Then here we are Compare & reviews the list of Top 7 best multimeter for electricians in 2021 with high accuracy

List of Best Multimeters For Electricians & Electrical Engineers

Fluke 116 HVAC MultimeterBest Multimeter for electricians 2020 reviews,Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter5 out of 5 stars
FLUKE-101 Digital MultimeterBest Multimeter for electricians 2020 reviews,FLUKE-101 Digital Multimeter (Sturdy design)4.7 out of 5 stars
Fluke 117 MultimeterBest Multimeter for electricians 2020 reviews,Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter (Heavy-duty)4.5 out of 5 stars
Klein Multimeter Test KitBest Multimeter for electricians 2020 reviews, Klein Tools 69149 Multimeter Test Kit (Complete package)4.4 out of 5 stars
Bside Large LCD Digital MultimeterBest Multimeter for electricians 2020 reviews,Bside Large LCD Digital Manual & Smart Mode Design Multimeter (Lightweight)4.4 out of 5 stars
Fluke 114 Digital MultimeterBest Multimeter for electricians 2020 reviews,Fluke 114 Digital Multimeter with TRMS for electricians4.4 out of 5 stars
Greenlee DM-510A MultimeterBest Multi-meter for electricians 2020 reviews,Greenlee DM-510A Multimeter with High LCD4.4 out of 5 stars

1. Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter

Best Multimeter for electricians 2020 reviews,Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter


The Fluke 116 HVAC, multimeter for electricians has a large screen with excellent quality for working. The thermometer is also set in it but it also resists measuring temperature.

So, a flame tester is good to help with testing electricity. The HVAC meter has the power feature to work in all areas with an accurate LCD set. Moreover, it is good in its design and shape as well.


Large LCD

The best Fluke multimeter for electricians has a large LCD for working all the time. Moreover, it also gives good strength in design and shape. So, electricians can use this instrument in their work of electric troubleshoots.

Overall, its size is large with large size digits on the display. These help to measure and show the result in a full better way. LCD of this instrument is specially designed for large and professional work.

Good Flame Sensor

The Best HVAC multimeter is built with a perfect flame sensor. This work accurately to detect the issues quite easily. However, sometimes it may cause the problem to measure in temperature. But, overall it has a good tester and sensor system for all time use and finds the electric troubleshoot quite easily. This is good to measure current, resistance, voltage, and capacitance as well.

Best Performance in Accuracy

The overall performance of this tester and multimeter tool is quite good for work. So, electricians can use this one to find and troubleshoot electricity.

Moreover, it also helps to measure the ghost voltages. All the wires with low voltage Fluke 116 can easily detect the voltage and show the value on the screen with large size. The LED-backlight is also helpful to detect and work in a poor area as well.

Pros & Cons

  • Good LED-backlight
  • Solid performance
  • Large digits scale
  • The temperature sensor is not quite good


2. FLUKE-101 Digital Multimeter

Best Multimeter for electricians 2020 reviews,FLUKE-101 Digital Multimeter (Sturdy design)



The name Fluke is best to measure all the electric functions. But sometimes it may cause and resist to measure the current.

However, it has a good speed of testing and measuring DC with 0.5%. But, its uniqueness attracts the electricians to work in full accuracy. The continuity is work makes it perfect. So, the electrician can easily use the lightweight instrument with a single hand.

Best Multimeter For Electrical Engineers

Best Multi-meter 2020,Best Multimeter For Electrical Engineer

All the professional Electrical Engineers want to use this for electric work. This digital multimeter is a small size. This helps to work and troubleshoot electricity in wire and circuit. Fluke 101 is the best multimeter for electrical engineers with full of lightweight design and has uniqueness for work.

Moreover, it is also better to measure DC. But, sometimes cause little problems in the measuring of AC. However, it is in small size for easy use by hand.

Sturdy And Durable

The Best Fluke Multimeter type 101 is in a unique design with its good durable quality for use and work. However, the electrician wants this model of 101 for use in work.

So, it is more attractive and measures all the electricity functions of voltage, current, and resistance as well. All these things make it durable for work and help to give a sturdy design as well.


Fluke always uses to measure electric problems therefore it has full accuracy and strength for work. Moreover, it measures the voltage in ghost places with full accuracy. Therefore it has good continuity for work at all levels.

But, its unique function may good to work in low light and poor areas as well. However, an electrician also needs the multimeter with full accuracy and continuity for work.

Pros & Cons

  • Continuity in work
  • Work in ghost places
  • Lightweight
  • AC may not measured accurately


3. Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter

Best Multimeter for electricians 2020 reviews,Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter (Heavy-duty)



The best electrician multimeter which you want for use. But, it has a low LED backlight to resist in poor places work. However, it is best for users to use and makes it best for troubleshooting. This is mostly used by different areas electricians to work and show accurate results.


True RMS

There is good RMS technology adds in the fluke 117 for accurate work. This helps to measure the electricity accurately. So, all the electricians can use to detect the voltage with low power and ghost areas as well.

Best Multimeter For Professional Electricians

Best multi-meter 2020,Best Multimeter For Professional Electricians

For Professional Electricians, it is quite good with current testing in the wires and circuits as well. A low impedance also good to resist false readings. This helps to measure and detect voltage in ghost places. Overall, this multimeter is best for professional electricians to use it.

Good Battery

The battery of this model is quite good for use large time. A strong battery with accurate power is also set in the system and instrument to use for also 400 hours per charging. It has good power to miss the backlight and work accurately.

Moreover, it is quite efficient with easy charging in it. Mostly, electrician uses this model with its accurate and strong battery system as well. The temperature range is also at +50-degree.

Good Alert Technology

The good use of voltage alert technology is also quite good for work. Moreover, Fluke 117, has good strength for easy detection of voltage in all ghost place as well. The wire with low voltage can easily be detected and troubleshoot voltage issues. However, low impedance also plays quite a good role to check the accuracy functions. it is also the best multimeter for apprentice electrician

Pros & Cons

  • Good RMS
  • Voltage easily detected
  • Heavy-duty
  • LED-backlight is not accurate


4. Klein Tools 69149 Multimeter Test Kit

Best Multimeter for electricians 2020 reviews, Klein Tools 69149 Multimeter Test Kit (Complete package)



This is the brand new multimeter with its accurate work. But, it has a low contact function in the black lead. And a multi-tester kit is not longer to put in the outlet. So, overall this is quite good for electricians to use and measure electricity. Electricians need this quality of multimeter for work with full accuracy and strength.


Complete kit

This multimeter of Klein comes with a full package system for use. Moreover, it has all the functions to detect electric problems in the wire and circuit. But the black lead with multi-tester is small in the size. Therefore it is good for electricians to use this for troubleshooting wires and circuits. This measuring current of both AC/DC in the full fledge system.

Versatile Design

It has a multi-function system for good attraction. The overall design is versatile from all others for use. Moreover, it is small in size with easy assembly and working ability. The LCD is in full size with a large digit screen to show the reading. So, an electrician can also properly measure electricity without problems.

Good Tester

A perfect tester is set in the multimeter for testing the wires. Moreover, it also helps to check the current presence in the circuits. Mostly all the electricians always check the electric problem to detect the issue in wires and circuits with a tester.

Pros & Cons

  • Perfect tester
  • Versatile design
  • Complete kit
  • Led is in small size


5. Bside Large LCD Digital Manual & Smart Mode Design Multimeter

Best Multimeter for electricians 2020 reviews,Bside Large LCD Digital Manual & Smart Mode Design Multimeter (Lightweight)



The multimeter of Bside is perfect for use. But it has a problem to replace the batteries. The replacement battery is awkward and does not work correctly. So, overall this is quite good for troubleshooting and measuring electricity properly.


Good Probe

The perfect probe is set in the instrument for easy and efficient working. Moreover, it is helpful to use with one hand. The probe also gives the sturdy look with an attractive style system.

Manual System

The best feature of this Bside multimeter is that it can be used with a manual system. This makes the perfect reading setting for regular work. Moreover, an electrician can easily detect a single problem with multi-mode settings. However, it is most frequently used in troubleshooting and electricity measurement.

Flashlight Design

The design of this multimeter is quite good with efficient work. Moreover, a perfect wall hanging system gives good accuracy for large time use. This is pure in its shape and convenient design for work. Most of the electricians want to use a multimeter like this one for measuring voltage, current, and resistance in a manual program.

Pros & Cons

  • Good flash design
  • Accuracy in work
  • Manual functions
  • The battery is in the awkward setting


6. Fluke 114 Digital Multimeter with TRMS for electricians

Best Multimeter for electricians 2020 reviews,Fluke 114 Digital Multimeter with TRMS for electricians


The best multimeter for electricians & best clamp multimeter for electricians like to use Fluke 114 DMM is designed for easy one-handed operation, the compact Fluke 114 True RMS digital multimeter is the perfect troubleshooting tool for going over-testing. Also, this Digital multimeter has all the functions to troubleshoot electric wiring problems on buildings, ships, and airplanes.



It is the best multimeter for auto electricians because it has the capability of auto volt & automatically switches to measure AC or DC voltage. In addition, more functions can be used to identify voltage and accurate readings.

Furthermore, It measures LoZ, AC and DC Volts, and Milivolts, So, if the leads are plugged into the correct jacks. Of course, it measures Ohms and is lightning fast for continuity.

True RMS

Fluke 114 displays True-RMS voltage and current readings with excellent resolution and test frequency, continuity, and resistance. moreover, The build quality is superb and the design is well thought out. Also, It is easy to change the battery.

Best Multimeter For Industrial Electricians

Best multi-meter 2020,Best Multimeter For Industrial Electricians

For industrial Electricians, the Fluke 114 multimeter is the best choice, because, it helps us for troubleshooting electric wiring problems and safety purposes. Moreover, It is tested independently for safe use in friendly environments. A large white LED backlight helps to work properly.

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Feature Key Points

  • It selects AC/DC voltage automatically
  • It has low input impedance that helps to give us accurate reading due to ghost voltage
  • Its large LED which helps to work in any area.
  • Continuity reading
  • It does record signal fluctuations at every stage
  • a key function is an easy storage
  • Automatic and manual ranging

Pros & Cons

  • Great product
  • Durable
  • User-friendly
  • Just what was needed
  • Price may not allure everyone.


7. Greenlee DM-510A Multimeter with High LCD

Best Multi-meter for electricians 2020 reviews,Greenlee DM-510A Multimeter with High LCD



If you are searching for the best multimeter for electricians, then this product is worth to buy. Choosing the right product that has the best features and a worthy price is a difficult job.

Best budget multimeter for electricians at a very cheap price and general-purpose with large LCD, then, this Greenlee DM-510A is the best multimeter to buy right now. It is used for multiple job functions. Once you’ve read one of our helpful buyer’s guides, then it will be very easy for you to choose a product of your requirement.


Large LCD

The large lightened display is a great feature, especially when testing or troubleshooting motors, electrical, electronic controls, or electrical panels in poor visibility areas. Moreover, the continuity test mode has a loud and robust sound, AND, the meter is fused for overload protection, has a lifetime warranty, and comes with a carrying case. it is easy to use and has good accuracy.

High Quality

In the light of high quality, the purpose to measure temperature for testing resistance, and also liked the option to measure temperature. This meter has a very good build quality to its exterior and feels solid.

However, the continuity feature, when the dial selector is in that same mode, works with the audible indicator but there is a problem with the display digit. All of the other features work well.

Features Key Points

  • High visibility 6000 Count LCD display
  • Auto power off, display backlight, analogue bar graph
  • Pc interface capability using optional USB RS-232 cable with data recording pc software
  • Capacitance and temperature measurement capability
  • The auto-check feature provides automatic selection of AC Volts, DC Volts, or resistance with low impedance for ghost-voltage elimination

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • Highly recommended
  • Affordable
  • May be difficult to operate for new electrician.


In the end, if you are an electrician and working in the electricity system. Therefore you need a good multimeter for troubleshooting and measuring electricity. But you are facing the issue to find out the best electrician multimeter 2021 with excellent quality and low budget as well. Then the Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter is the best pick for you to buy it at a very reasonable price and has all quality of features for use it.

Best Multimeter for electricians 2020 reviews,Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. What multimeter do electricians use?

Most of the electricians use Fluke 117 multimeter because it has RMS technology that helps to measure accurate readings,  frequency, and capacitance of electricity.

2. What is the best clamp meter for electricians?

Our 07 Best Clamp meters and Multimeter are

1.Fluke – 116 HVAC Multimeter

2.FLUKE-101 Digital Multimeter

3.Fluke – 117 Electricians

4.Klein Tools – 69149 Multimeter

5.Bside – Large LCD Digital Multimeter

6.Fluke – 114 Digital Multimeter

7.Greenlee DM-510A Multimeter

3. Which multimeter is known as a good multimeter?

Following multimeter are known as a good multimeter

  1. Fluke-116
  2. Fluke-117
  3. Fluke-114
  4. Fluke-101
4. Is a clamp meter better than a multimeter?

clamp meter is used to measure high current (in ampere), while a multimeter is used to measure resistance, continuity, voltage and sometimes low current.