Best Automotive Multimeter 2023 – Amazon Reviews

The best Automotive Multimeter of 2023 is good to measure and troubleshoot electric problems & an auto-electrician for all types of vehicles.

But wait a minute, an automotive multimeter is best with its functions and working ability. we reviewed and find that always get the automotive multimeter for auto-electrician measurement in wire and circuit as well.

The Best Multimeter For Automotive 2023

If you are working in the automotive area as an electrician or somewhere as an auto-electrician. Our team reviewed and find a list of the best multimeters of automotive functions that can be used for cars, buses, and other auto vehicles.

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All these are unique in design and best in their function at any place. Moreover, you can review the list of Top 7 Automotive Best multimeters for the money of 2023 and find the latest one with the required features.

List Of Our Top 07 Best Automotive Multimeters Reviews of 2023

Fluke 88V 1000V Automotive Multimeter
Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter
INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter
ESI 585K Deluxe Automotive Digital Multimeter
INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
Mastech MS8268 Auto/Manual Range Digital Multimeter

1: Fluke 88V 1000V Automotive Multimeter (Best overall)

best multimeter 2020,Fluke 88V 1000V Automotive Multimeter


Fluke multimeter for automotive technician always provides a good and unique multimeter. But this model is low in quality for long term use. However, overall this is good for measuring electricity and troubleshooting electricity. This is versatile in functions to measure the current and voltage. However, it is quite good with its perfect digital screen.



This is in manual shape and has a good range system. It works in manual form to measure the all-electric functions. So, It is good for measuring AC/DC accurately. This gives good flexibility for the users to make a maximum range of measurement. Both voltage system in AC/DC are equally measure. The peak power at the maximum level is 250. So, it is good for all-electric troubleshoot.

Good Display

The Fluke Multimeter is best for use as an automotive function easy use for car and auto repair. So, the design of this set is quite good. The large LCD also gives a good shape. The digits on the screen are large. Moreover, it is good to measure electricity. The LED backlight is also adjusted to help in the measurement. This is good to measure 1000V AC/DC properly. So, you can use this for electric problems. It is also good for temperature measurement with an optional probe.

Solid Performance

The quality is not good but it works in the full proper way at all times. It has a solid performance to measure all troubleshoot accurately. Moreover, it gives good strength for easy work. The electrician can also use this one to measure the ghost voltage. It has full versatility for all different electric function measurements. The full automotive functions make it better and versatile than all others with its unique and solid performance.

Fluke Automotive Multimeter Pros & Cons

  • Good automotive function
  • Easy assembly
  • Versatile functions
  • None


2: Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter (Solid performance)

Best multimeter 2020, Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter


Fluke Automotive Multimeter is a good brand to provide all the excellent equipment for electricity. But this model of fluke has some time dim LED backlight. It has solid performance and excellent working ability. But, overall it is best for easy use and the assembly is also good with its functions. Fluke 117 has the best true RMS multimeter for automotive troubleshooting.


True RMS

The best fluke multimeter for automotive use has the main quality of features that it is equipped with the best true RMS technology and functions for the work of electricity. It is also helpful to detect the non-contact voltage with full accuracy and strength. So, you can easily use this for the measure of electricity functions, can be used in automobiles, and check the reading in simple digit form. So, you can say that it has a pure voltage alert technology. For Example, An auto electrician uses the best flukes for car audio and it is a good dvom.

Good Power

The 9V battery helps in work in a unique way. You can use the system for a significant time without any problem. Moreover, it measures the troubleshooting and solves all of the effects by measuring accurately. It will quickly move on to the system for proper work experience. Although it is good in its power and function for overall work.

Easy Use

It is quite good with its assembly. Moreover, it is unique in function and quality of use. So, you can say that it is easy to use. The entire electrician can use this with a single or one hand and do the work to check reading as well. It is sturdy in its design and pure in work with full accuracy and strength. Overall, you can say that this multimeter of Fluke 117 is best in its performance.

Pros & Cons

  • Solid performance
  • Unique design
  • Easy for use
  • Low LED backlight


3: INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter (10 MegOhm/UL) (Efficient in work)

Best multimeter 2020, INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter


The INNOVA 3340 is one of the best digital multimeter for automotive usage with its fully functioned. But sometimes its screen may slow the results.  It is quite good with shape and design. The measurement of electricity is also in a fully accurate way. Moreover, it is helpful for easy use to detect the ghost voltage. This is a fully UL-certified product and recommended due to its Efficient in work.


Good Power

This model of INNOVA 3340 is quite excellent. This can detect the voltage in ghost places. Further, it has the full power of load protection. So, it also works in the heavy load function. But this is unique in style and function to detect all troubleshoot quite easily without any problem. Therefore, it is a recommended product for electric & automotive work.

Good Tester

This model has quite good features to test the current. it has the perfect automotive tester lead for current detection in the wire and circuit. So, an electrician can easily use this to check the voltage and current with resistance in the wires. Moreover, this is unique and best for the multi-functions setting. Overall 3340 multimeter is used to detect voltage easily. The potential of this multi-meter is good for unique current measurements.

Easy Assembly

This is light in weight. So, it is easy to use. The assembling is also properly for all time work. It has a good capacity to measure and detect all the electric functions quite easily. However, overall, this is unique and better for easy use in electric work. An electrician can easily use it with one hand and makes full accuracy for measurement. Overall, it has full solid performance troubleshooting.

INNOVA 3340 DMM Pros & Cons

  • Excellent design
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • bluedriver multimeter
  • LCD is small


4: INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter (Good display)

Best multimeter 2020, INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter


This is a good INNOVA 3320 auto-ranging Automotive meter. It is good with its feature and functions and helps with the troubleshooting of electricity problems. Although it is quite good with its function excellent strength to give full AC/DC measurement. It is also best to give full accuracy in work and have a good display.


Safe For Use 

The main feature of this system is that it works in the proper safety measurements. The building construction is with a double fuse to work reliably. The excellent and accurate protection overall helps to save overload and gives good accuracy for work. The INNOVA 3340 is the best overall with its unique quality. So, this multimeter is completely safe and secure for use in electricity measurement.


The INNOVA is also good with its functions and setting. It has full accuracy and complete strength for troubleshooting electricity problems in the wires and circuit. The excellent display system is helpful for the proper use and makes reading easy. So, you can use the system at any place at any time with ease of power. Accuracy in its functions is good to make the INNOVA excellent for use in electricity measurement of current and voltage.

Good Diode Tester 

This multimeter is best with its all functions. But, it has a pure diode tester for testing the current and voltage in the wire and circuits. It can measure and check the voltage of ghost areas as well with full accuracy. Moreover, it has a unique design test leader tester for safe use and easy protection.

Pros & Cons

  • Good tester and diode
  • Full accuracy in work
  • Excellent display with large size digits
  • Slow in functions at some extent


5: Mastech MS8268 Digital AC/DC Auto/Manual Range Digital Multimeter

best multimeter 2020, Mastech MS8268 Digital AC/DC Auto/Manual Range Digital Multimeter


This multimeter is mainly called Dr. Meter; this brand is very useful, the Mastech MS8268 is mainly called Dr. Meter because it is the Best budget, convenient DMM for electricians. It is specially constructed for DIY and electronics hobbyists and numerous features, the Best of best multimeter among the other Automotive Multimeter easy to use, with friendly interface & input indicators so the beginners would not hesitate to use it.

First of all, this multimeter not only measures voltage and resistance but is also used to check frequency in the initial stage. It can be used for bench, home & but can`t be used for industrial purposes where the three-phase system is installed.

If you are thinking about its working functionality, it can be shown that its DC range is up to 1000V; AC voltage is up to 750V, current in 10Amp, maximum frequency range 200 kHz, capacitance 200 µF, and resistance to 40MΩ. but the capacitance is a bit low, so it is difficult for you to get a such cheap meter. It does also has a function of milli-amp & micro-amp ranges with a transistor gain tester.


Transistor tests: the MS8268 multimeter review shows that it has an adapter of low current fits in its socket due to which this multimeter will perform several test options. However, this is one of the cheap automotive multimeter brands having a transistor option but the china brand multimeters don’t have. Mostly, it can be used in electronics and amplifier repair.

To be very honest, this meter is helpful for true beginners, it doesn`t need to set any range position because of the auto-ranging system. Likewise, it can also be set manually to measure readings.

Best Multimeter For Automotive 2023

Best Multimeter 2020, Best Multimeter for Automotive

Like other meters, it has also a function of storage that holds the data where one thing can be stopped and others may be used. The relative mode can also work on all frequency ranges. Some nice things, for example, auto-power off, save the battery, warning system if the input leads plugged in the wrong way.

Best Suited To: this is a very useful tool, which is good for home use, electric and computer testing, power supplies, electronic hobbies, HVAC work too. The engineering industry requires a multimeter that should be capable of higher energy.

Build Quality

the Mastech MS8268 is a covered multimeter. Attractive display with strong & sturdy, also protected by a rubber boot, if we discuss its built quality, then I can say built into the rear tester also, has a separate battery.

Display and Labels

The display is very appealing good by considering the price. The screen is blue, white backlight, however, it only stays for a few seconds at a time. Besides, the display of function and symbol on the screen, including polarity, also has a low battery icon. If the display is not showing then no need to worry, because, it has data holding function.

Function and Performance

One of the best things about its design MS8268 interface is a nice dialer, shared position. The dial selector is satisfied, easy to operate, 11th position, plus centrally-located OFF. Even If, This meter can be used both for AC and DC current which is normal on almost all meters, yet there is a separate voltage and resistance position.

This is very simple to say that it’s all button are clear, with RANGE, SELECT, REL, HZ, HOLD, and LIGHT. However, the range button changes from AC to DC and switches are in-between diode and continuity. It has also an auto shut-off feature which can be disabled and enable

A normal, additional feature of this multimeter is its input warning system. All jack input has its individual LED light, which blinks the correct one if you plug into the wrong one in a given range setting. Automotive Multimeter with tachometer has the sound of the buzzer will also play if you have it wrong. This is a great slight touch, which will save the device from finishing itself should you check amps when connected into voltage, for instance.


The Mastech MS 8286 Multimeter has a green rubber holster that protects the meter from bashes and drops. The leads are rough with caps but it is not recommended for the CATII to 1000v. Fuse protection used for the current range up to 10 amp. Its fuse is made of ceramic 10A/250V fuse which, is like a high rupture type (HRC). It does also protect milliamps input & positive temperature PTC fuse.

Mastech MS8268 Pros and Cons

  • Good variety of input range
  • Separate voltage positions
  • Quite rugged
  • Okay-quality leads
  • Lighted lead input warning
  • Separate battery compartment
  • Backlit screen
  • Affordable
  • Manual poorly written
  • Narrow capacitance range
  • Lack of input protection

MS8268 Review Summary

In this Mastech MS8268 review, we had a fairly in-depth look at this multimeter’s workings. A decent performer with high accuracy levels on voltage, current, and resistance, it is good around the home or office.

Professionals would want something more substantial for higher voltage/current systems and shouldn’t be curious about its durable exterior. But, not a fantastic pick as compare to other millimetres


6: ESI 585K Deluxe Automotive Digital Multimeter Reviews

Best multimeter 2020, ESI 585K Deluxe Automotive DMM


Another budget-friendly & inexpensive automotive multimeter under $100 but high-performance Digital Multimeter named as ESI 585K deluxe Automotive that can be used for automotive electrician work. For professional automotive digital multimeter has more function, manufactured by renowned. It has all those functions as other digital multimeter but it is a cheap modern digital multimeter as compare with others. The product has a good design, nice grip, lightweight, small in size, and easy to use. So it can also be called that this is one of the best automotive multimeter for the money.

If you are thinking about its ranges then its test ranges are 45, 14 test functions, and one special thing that this meter has a dual display with analog bar graph and digital readings. It contains different test probs and alligator clip test leads.

The ESI 585K deluxe Automotive Digital Multimeter Also, have a temperature probe and battery power is 09 volts. Keep in mind carefully, when you receive this Automotive DMM from the company then it should be a zippered case that will protect it from dust and dirt, So the user can use it easily.

For the Technical aspect, it is worth mentioning over here that this product includes RPM pick-up and has an input impedance value is 10 Meg/Ohm. So, we can say that it has one of the best digital automotive multimeters with rpm value. Additionally, it comes with dual fuse protection and safety input leads, and a socket jack. Moreover, it has a built-in incline stand that will help you to check the readings by doing other tasks which means helpful for multi-work

ESI 585K Deluxe Automotive DMM Pros & Cons

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Includes a temperature probe
  • Protective holster
  • Adjustable sensitivity switch
  • Dual fuse protection
  • It doesn’t have a night light


7: INNOVA 3300 Hands-free Digital Multimeter (10 MegOhm) (Unique design)

best multimeter 2020, INNOVA 3300 Hands-free Digital Multimeter


All the multimeter are good with quality and purity in function. But the INNOVA 3300 is best with quality and useability as well. All the things make it sturdy enough to use and improve the working power of electricity. its most special feature is its unique design.


Unique Quality

The INNOVA 3300 multimeter is unique in shape and design. Therefore it is good with its quality and setting to improve power. It is good with its construction and all other functions. Moreover, it is quite good with its measurement of electricity and current detection in the voltage and all wires as well. However, it is overall good with its unique performance.

Perfect Display

The overall display of this multimeter is unique in shape and quality. Moreover, it has a good and large display. The LCD is also good to measure the electricity in a fully accurate way. So, you can use this for reading. It has the power to check the voltage in all ghost places. Although, it is a better option for u you to use this for measuring electricity.

Solid Performance

This is fully unique in function and easy assembling. Moreover, it is good for checking current voltage with single-hand operation. Overall it is best to detect the issue in any wire and circuit and also helpful to troubleshoot all these problems.

Pros & Cons

  • Good design
  • Unique quality
  • Sturdy design
  • Selector Knob is hard for newbies


What Idea to buy Best Automotive Digital Multimeter?

It is only natural for a beginner electrician or a mechanic to have no idea what a good automotive multimeter to buy. On the other side, an experienced user knows that the accuracy, safety of use, smart features, and functional features of a multimeter. Therefore, if you want to buy a high-quality device, but you aren’t exactly sure what you are looking for, you should analyze them thoroughly.

Things to be Considered to buy the latest automotive Multimeter?

Before investing in one of the best multimeters that you can find on their properties and reviews here, ask yourself the following: what are my needs? What do I want to use this product? How often will I be using it? Will it be helpful in my daily job or only occasionally? What is the accuracy that I need? Do I need a cordless or a corded product? These are just a few examples of questions that might help you make the best decision. If you are a gular user, then it becomes understandable that you don’t need to through a lot of money into this product.

Therefore, if you are a professional electrician or a mechanic, it will be totally worth it and this investment will bring you even more money, as you will be able to do your job properly.


To sum up, It is much more interesting when you know exactly how a multimeter works and how to fix the motor cars or other automotive problems. Suppose that you are working in the electricity area of Automotive and you need a multimeter. But you want to get the multimeter must-have automotive functions.

However, you are confused to buy the best one for use and troubleshooting all the electric Automotive problems. So, you can get the Fluke 88V Automotive Multimeter with its all quality of functions and settings. This is one of the best multimeters of  2023 with all features and functions to use for electricity measurement.

best multimeter 2020,Fluke 88V 1000V Automotive Multimeter


Best Automotive Multimeter FAQ


1. What is the best multimeter for automotive use?

Our Top best multimeters for automotive use

  • Fluke 88V Automotive Multimeter
  • INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter
  • INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
  • Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter
  • INNOVA 3300 Hands-free Digital Multimeter
  • Mastech MS8268 Digital Multimeter
  • ESI 585K Deluxe Automotive Digital Multimeter
2. Which fluke multimeter is best for automotive use?

Fluke 117 & Fluke 88V both are best for automotive use but, Fluke 88v has more measuring functions and can be used as an automotive multimeter. This Fluke product has the ability to diagnose electric problems and measure resistance, continuity, capacitance, and frequency with high accuracy.

3. How do auto-ranging multimeters work?

Auto-ranging is shown by its name Auto that’s meaning automatic work. Auto-ranging multimeters work as automatically, can change their range to find the actual measurement of voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, and frequency.

4. What should I look for when buying a multimeter?

When buying a multimeter, you should look for a few most important points about the features of multimeter:

  • The ability to select a range of voltages
  • Ability to measure AC and DC voltages
  • The ability to measure ohms
  • Measure high accuracy.